Paralegal duties and responsibilities

So you want to be a paralegal, right? Working in a law office, more money and a skill you can take just about anywhere. But what exactly are the duties and responsibilities of a paralegal? whether you are looking into the field or just curious to find out , this article is aimed at providing you the insight you need on what a paralegal's duties and responsibilities may include.

Paralegal duties and responsibilities range greatly depending on experience and expertise and area of practice. A paralegal can perform almost all of the duties of an attorney from preparing legal documents to interviewing clients. However, paralegals cannot give legal advice to clients or represent clients in court.

One of the greatest responsibilities of a paralegal is to be detail oriented and have a wide knowledge of legal terms and topics. Since a paralegal does much of the same work as an attorney does, paralegals are a valuable asset to any firm that employs them.

Education and responsibility
The more education a paralegal has, the more duties they will receive once they find a position. It is increasingly important for paralegals to obtain a 4 year degree to be competitive in the job market. Paralegals with 4 year paralegal degrees offer prospective employers a higher quality of knowledge which leads to increased duties, responsibilities and even pay for the paralegal.

Drafting documents
Drafting documents is one of the top duties a paralegal may have. Much of a paralegals time can be spent writing legal documents and reports. It is absolutely necessary that the paralegal have good written communication skills including grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Paralegals could be responsible for drafting a number of different types of documents such as contracts or separation agreements. Documents are also prepared for litigation purposes. In fact, a growing number or paralegals provide their services outside of an attorney's office. For simple proceedings where people are just looking for help filling out official paperwork and need no legal advice, a paralegal is the perfect choice to fill this roll - at a fraction of the cost.

Trial preparation
Trial preparations are often the responsibility of paralegals as well. Not only can paralegals be responsible for drafting court related documents, but they also can help determine, in conjunction with the attorneys, how a case should be litigated. Because a paralegal can have so many responsibilities in trial preparation, it is only natural that a paralegal's duties may include advising on how to bring a court case to trial.

Another important duty for trial preparation paralegals is uncovering facts and information that pertain to the trial. With this duty, the responsibility to interview witnesses and verify data is vital to trial preparation.

Real Estate Paralegals
A real estate paralegal typically has a unique set of duties and responsibilities compared to other types of paralegals. Their responsibilities usually include running title searches on properties among other tasks used in real estate transactions such as preparing for real estate transaction closings.

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