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Are paralegal salaries competitive in today's job market? Absolutely. With the potential to earn over $100K per year, a paralegal's salary can be extremely competitive and the jobs that go with them are highly sought after.

Figures for average paralegal salaries and starting paralegal salaries may sound deceiving, but don't let them trick you into thinking that's all you can get. By demonstrating a high aptitude and good solid paralegal skills, you can increase your paralegal salary, even when you are just starting out.

Average paralegal salaries
Average paralegal salaries range from $25K to $100K+ depending on all sorts of things ranging from experience to location. There is no set parameter for determining paralegal salaries; it just depends on what the company is willing to pay for paralegal services. This having been said, you can count on bigger companies paying higher paralegal salaries because they have the biggest workloads and expect the most from their paralegals.

Although $100K a year may sound tempting, it is important to note that entry level starting paralegal salaries fall on the low $30K range of the scale depending on where you live and what type of company you work for. However, it's not as bad as it seems, paralegal salaries rise dramatically with the proper education and skills.

Don't be deceived by the average paralegal salary figures, there is plenty of opportunity to make extra money with overtime. In fact, you may be required to work up to 90 hours a week during the crunch time before a trial or whenever the legal office is really busy. Prepare yourself to make sacrifices, but sacrifices that will pay off in terms of a larger paralegal salary.

Maximize your paralegal salary
There are a few ways to maximize your paralegal salary. The best thing to do is find a high quality school that offers a good paralegal certificate program. Hiring firms take into consideration the quality of education you have received as a paralegal so choose wisely.

You will also increase your chances of finding a higher paralegal salary by completing your bachelor's degree and a paralegal certificate program. With such fierce competition for the high paralegal salaries, you have to demonstrate how dedicated you are to the profession and yourself. Completing your bachelor's degree can only help you.

Paralegals salaries are worry free
As a paralegal, you will be working under the supervision of a lawyer. Keep in mind that a lawyer goes to school for a very long time and is required to have a wide knowledge base. You may become discouraged to find yourself doing work for him for regular paralegal salary and the lawyer in turn billing the client hundreds of dollars an hour for which he only owes you a fraction of.

Although this can be dispiriting, don't forget that you have the luxury of doing the work and forgetting about it. Your paralegal salary is worry free. Your salary probably includes benefits, wages and other incentives. Out of the "extra" money you have to remember that the attorney has to pay for not only your paralegal salary, but also the overhead, including rent, utilities, computers etc. as well as any errors and omissions insurance, employee benefits and other expenses a company incurs.

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